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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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Ramaraja lost his temper, and summoning his ministers; gave
them orders/* Haviug seated himself on the back of an
aftirfaf elephant called Rajahamsa, and accompanied by all
his troops, Ramaraja advanced upon the four Padutsahas^
while warriors of great renown seated in howdahs marched
on his right and left, (drummers > sounded the war drums
behind, and musicians played upon such musical instruments
as trumpets, lutes, toaitoins, pipes Ac. in iroiit. Haying
caused cannon, rfiKiasingks, jamjas, rockets, steel-bombs to be
brought in large numbers, he had them fired at the same
time. Countless numbers of people were killed or wounded
on the side of the Padusahus. The battle raged in this
fashion tor three days and nine hours, when large number
of the soldiers of the three Padusahas forming into groups
toot to their heels. Having formed into jara$§ they escaped
with their lives by tiight, and sought refuge in the jungles.

The Mnssalman kings, having retreated (from the field),
halted at (a distance of) two haridarisS. Thereupon, the
forces of Rajabhuvara being greatly delighted with their victory,
retired in a highly elated condition^ to their respective
camps, jestibg with oue another. The whole army remained
comfortably iu the cainp in an unwatchful condition thinking
that they need no longer be afraid of any one, as none would
attack them henceforth. The soldier** of each captain began
to indulge in

At the same time, the three PaduŁahas5 having together
held consultations in secret,** sent to A 111 Yadula oSha,
their envoys, kinsmen, elders and some ministers, (with this
message) : ** You did not take part in tLe battle ; and remaining
* The text does not specify the nature of theae orders.
•*• It i? beliavsd ta.Ai au c^pliant cf thi * cla-s cannot bs zizb.Iusd.
J Fcor r?duŁ3ha   is A mi 1.1 te ; it • u^'';t t-> be ib-se FZ.laitfcS' .
§ T^e mtta^lug of sks Wv.rJ/\:/2 2; nvt kn^wn.
$ A h^ridlrt i* j"ju«i t*.1 a «"!*«.
^ Tit «  ori^snVi  i.a*'  *t3&y*k~>.~ tiW \ tat w-.r.l   .•«"•;>*» u »t .»: li ",g  to Ktttei autaat
•not laa-rveliou*. n',1 • traii^,* % bat ih^t a:c.'i:iaij L ibkaf;;U''able iteia.
^ The meaning of ksifi-pjuli i<: not kno7pn>
** * Having concerted to rt&ew suddettlf the attack.* — /* fA M^ p. 207,